TTT Jihad Bomb?

Does anybody know where I can download a jihad bomb that works for TTT in Gmod 13? I can’t find one anywhere!

Make one

It would be easy to port the Jihad bomb

I made mine, not too hard.

Noob to lua aswell Very hard to fix, I had to rename info.txt to addon.txt

lua king

Well, I’m retarded.


**This doesn’t actually work for TTT though. Is there one that was already made to work for TTT in GM12 that I can just put in GM13?

Some servers did have a TTT one, you would need to find it for me though

Well I made it into one now, I’m going to see if it works.
Here’s the download if anybody wants it.

EDIT: I made one that works 100% now. Use the link above!

rename the info.txt file into addon.txt

Okay there we go. I really did do the stuff to make it work for TTT myself though, and I used a GMAD extractor to get the one that is confirmed working from the GM13 workshop, so I don’t know why that has the info.txt instead of addon.txt.

Can you make a mediafire download please? The download is gone

Download it off the workshop and extract with gmadconv and put the folder in addons.