TTT Jihad/Suicide bomb is broken

Just to start this off, I don’t want this to become a bitch fest about how bad the jihad is and how it ruins the game, I see it as being balanced because 1. you need to charge it up for 10 seconds before detonation 2. Whilst you are charging the jihad you are glowing bright red so you can be easily spotted 3. While you are charging the jihad you are on 10hp so you can very easily be killed 4. You cannot use any guns or equipment during charge up or detonation, so please if you have any hate of the jihad please keep it to yourself.

This is the jihad that I have downloaded:

These are the errors in the console I get when I go to use it:

could someone please shed some light on how I could fix it? or give me the code lines that will, Thanks in advance

Replace ValidEntity with IsValid in an editor like Notepad++. ValidEntity was removed in garrysmod 13. If there’s more errors post and I’ll help.

Ok so now it seems to work fine except I don’t hear the jihad.wav sound when I activate it but I think that may be on my end, but these errors still show up in the console

Here are the lua lines that have errors in them:

104: timer.Simple(0.1, function() WorldSound(c4boom, pos, 100, 100) end)

181: self.Owner.SetColor(self.Owner ,255, 255, 255, 255) – Colour again
173: timer.Create(“autodetonate”, 20, 1, AutoDetonate, self)



I’ll fix it up for you when I get home