TTT karma and PointShop points get reseted on relog

Since about 2 months everytime someone logs in on my TTT server, his karma, his PointShop points and weapons are getting reseted to a specific number which is set by the karma the PointShop points and the PointShop weapons you had in an unknown moment. I tried to replace every ordner seperately with a clean variante of this ordner by a fresh server. It didn’t change anything. I tried to return everything I changed in the time before the bug was existing and the bug was still there. After several tries to fix the bug, I kinda gave up. Now I beg for help and I really hope you can help me in any way which is possible. If you need any code please tell me.

Are you on Windows or Linux, and is your PointShop hooked up to MySQL or naw?

Windows and I think it’s not hooked up to MySQL. Furthermore my server is hosted by Nitrado.