TTT karma help

I am currently trying to create “fun rounds” where karma is disabled; however, if you set the cvar for karma to 0 it seems to ignore it until the next round, so i was going to manually reset karma by grabbing it before round and then setting it at the end. What I was wondering is what is the difference between ply:setLiveKarma() and ply:setBaseKarma()

I have noticed a few people use both but I don’t want to break karma.

Thanks in advance, panda

After a quick look at some remarks in TTT’s player_ext.lua:

“The base/start karma is determined once per round and determines the player’s damage penalty.
The live karma starts equal to the base karma, but is updated “live” as the player damages/kills others. When another player damages/kills this one, the live karma is used to determine his karma penalty.”

thanks :slight_smile: I don’t know how i didn’t see that.