TTT -Kill list not working?

We noticed today that when a dead player is identified, the players they killed are not confirmed dead. I’m not sure why this is happening. I believe we have the newest version of terrortown.

Normally when you confirm the death of a player, it shows a list of who they killed and marks them as confirmed dead in the scoreboard, but that’s not happening anymore.

Does this happen with no addons?

I just got around to trying it without addons. It says the player confirmed the death, but the players who were killed, remain missing in action in the scoreboard.

I have a local TTT server with no addons on the main branch and am not getting this issue. There must be some addon you have causing this behaviour

It puts this on the dead players body: “you found a list of kills with these names:” but lists nobody…

So, one (or maybe more) of your addons are causing this. There must be errors, check your server console. If there is not - something is overwriting default TTT functions and f* them up.
Maybe clean your sv.db and delete config and data folders.