TTT killed by weapon

Recently I have added new weapons for people such as a fire rifle or a special rifle name. These are for VIPs and admin only, but the problem is that if someone is killed by one of the weapons it says they were killed by “Fire rifle”. I want it to say the person was killed with a default rifle.

Is there a line of code for this? If so please share


Show us how you deal the damage.

Its standard bullet damage the fire rifle doesn’t matter I added it as a T weapon I just want to get a silent rifle or awp to read on the body killed by Rifle.

your name says it all, and uhh if it shows in the top right corner BLALALA killed LOOLDL, that shouldnt be right for TTT, other than that, i have no idea what your saying, if its for like a, chat type system that says “You were killed by blalala with weapon blablabla” I think you can add it manually into the configs somewhere, add me on steam


Yo, uh, please stop.

Anyways, the only way I could think of would be to look in the code for IDing bodies, and make an override if it’s x weapontype.

you stop, he needs to be more specific, “but the problem is that if someone is killed by one of the weapons it says they were killed by “Fire rifle”.” why is it even showing up, i asked him if it was by a plugin(kill msg crap) or if it was in the top right corner

Or you know, you could have applied TTT logic, and assumed he meant in the killed by box of the body when you identify it.

how the hell am i supposed to know that? did he say “he was killed by fire rifle in TTT id body box pls halp”, i used suggestions and i wanted him to answer, not for you to be a smartass

TTT doesn’t show what the player was killed by anywhere else. Common sense

You want proof that it does? He couldve merged it with the base gamemode accidently and used that, How the hell would i know, again.