TTT Knife One hit kill help

Ok so I have looked everywhere to get this and none are working. I have the newest version of ttt and Iv tried changing the
SWEP.Primary.Damage = 50 to
SWEP.Primary.Damage = 2000 in the gamemodes errortown\entities\weapons\weapon_ttt_knife\shared.lua but yet it still doesn’t work. Iv even downloaded custom one hit knifes and they still don’t work. I’v also tried to goto entities\entities tt_knife_proj\shared.lua and change
ENT.Damage = 50 to this
ENT.Damage = 2000 Yet it still won’t work. Can someone please help me. Thanks. NOTE: I’v even tried to delete the knife it self and for some reason im still able to use it.

I don’t understand, you deleted everything about the knife and it was still there? Also is this a melee only knife or is it throw able also? More information would help.

Did you update the cache?

This is what I’m doing, I am using the LAN multiplayer to test it. And yes I deleted the weapon_ttt_knife and the ttt_knife_proj and it was still there and I restarted gmod and it was still there. I tried Putting a print message when I equip it, it would show in console but it doesn’t. So my thinking is that they have a basic knife because I did some research there’s some command to make it use the custom one but I cat find it. I know its just that fucked up.

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Didn’t need to it was a LAN multi

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It’s both my bad

I’m currently having the same issue, figured in stead of making a new thread i’d just bump here to see if I can find the solution!

All you do is change the damage to 100 or whatever.

Step one: terrortown/entities/weapon_ttt_knife/shared.lua
Step two: change damage from 50 to 200
Step three: save and upload the new cache to your fastdl

Could be me, But i went to terrortown/entities/weapon_ttt_knife/ and their’s no shared.lua

this thread is 2 years old, the method is outdated.
But hey, i’m an nice guy.

Thank god we still have nice guys in the world ^^

I hoped the method wasn’t changed, sorry for bumping a 2 year old thread.

Thanks for those links/help gonna check them out now!


I’ve edditted these lines in my server but the damage is still 50, Somehow the server changes the script back to the old default?..

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Nvm found out that the host does this automatically due the TTT being linked to their database. I’ll override it.

for future reference go to \GMOD\garrysmod\gamemodes errortown\entities\weapons and click weapon_ttt_knife and change its primary damage to anything above 100. It’s the 30th line down.

I know your intentions are good, but please check the thread date before posting! Especially since this is n’t the correct section