TTT Laggs every 10 Seconds

Hi guys,
I changed my server Gamemode from SandBox to TTT and now, it starts lagging every 10 secs, for about a half second.

These are tha addons:…s/?id=212155901

  • ULIB + ULX

And this is the Config:
hostname “AlQaida Terrorist Town /German/ Miracollix”
sv_password “”
rcon_password “dicksave”
ttt_round_limit “5”
ttt_always_use_mapcycle “0”
ttt_credits_starting “3”
ttt_postround_dm “1”
ttt_det_credits_starting “2”
ttt_karma_traitorkill_bonus “80”
ttt_detective_min_players “6”
ttt_playercolor_mode “0”
ttt_traitor_pct “0.3”
ttt_detective_pct “0.2”
ttt_minimum_players “2”

If that’s your real RCON password I advice you to change it.

Or at least remove it from the OP


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Working Link

its not the password, but the other password isnt “save” too, only use this for friends, otherwise its, offline.

if someone could send me “his complete server” (paste config, with addons etc) would be very nice, so i can just copy (no special things needed, just normal TTT with some maps)

This isn’t the right forum to ask for help; please see Developer Discussion!