TTT LightSaber instead of Crowbars?

Is it possible to make this a pointshop item? I need something good for my donators and they’ve suggested that I put Light sabers as a replacement weapon for the crowbar. How do I do this?

If you are going to use my sabers, you’ll have to balance them so they don’t get an insta kill weapon each round.

Are your sabers compatible with a TTT server? Customization and everything? It’s going to be 20 damage just like the crowbar.

Not really, customization is done through a tool, and they exist only in sandbox. As for damage, my sabers are not like usual melee weapons, it deals 25 dmg per tick ( 66 or 33 times per second ) as long as the actual blade collides with anything.

First you want to download a light saber model.
Then duplicate the crowbar file but switch the model to said light saber model (This is to save the push function and such) just make sure you don’t spawn with it.
Then make a donator only pointshop item that will strip the crowbar and equip the light saber.

And there you have it.