[TTT] Make people unaware that they are speaking

On a ttt server, players often ghost/team up with each other. If there are suspicions, we force their mic on (+voicerecord on a timer) and make it so that only admins can hear them while their mic is on.
However - the player whose mic is forced on can see that they are speaking, how could I disable this?

If people could tell me why they’re rating a legitimate question as ‘dumb’ that’d be great…

I’m on my phone so I can’t get specifics, but you would need to overwrite the VGUI for TTT, just making it :Visible(false) when they are forced on.

You could try disabling stuff in

GM:HUDShouldDraw until it works

They are rating you dumb because you are asking how to get away with violating your player’s privacy.

By closing the motd they give us permission to activate their mic (It’s written very clearly in there). I guess it’s a matter of necessity considering the sheer amount of rule breakers nowadays.
However, I’d rather not make this thread a discussion on this, and keep it to the coding part of it

Just because they said “I agree to do this”, doesn’t mean that it’s ok. That’s like facepunch saying “You agree to send nudes to us otherwise your account will be banned”.