TTT Map Change load speed issue

Hello so I just started a TTT server and currently it has about 25 addons like Ulx and other admin stuff. And then about 15 workshop files.

Currently Right now the server works great, the only issue I have is the server load speed when the map changes. In the console I can see it reloading all of the addons like if the server was restarting. It causes a long map change time. I am wondering if there is any way to speed this up. It sits on the “server is changing levels” screen with the gmod loading icon for a long time 20sec+ before it changes to my loadin screen and loads the player into the server. I am just wondering if there is a way around this without removing all of my addons. Like maybe just changing the server without reloading all of the addons on the server side?

Any other server owns have any information on this? I have seen plenty of server that also have many addons and reloads very fast.


There’s no way to halt the scripts from loading on a map change – and you wouldn’t want to do that anyway. A rule of thumb I tell people; don’t load 25+ brand new addons into a server all at once. It may be one of them taking an exceptionally long time to load. While the map change is occurring; are you looking at the server-side console to see if it hangs at any particular point and takes a bit to continue? I have way more than 25 (almost 93 last time I checked), and it takes no time at all for the map change to happen. What kind of server are you running? There’s a lot of variables here to take into consideration.

I currently tried something out by moving all the lua files of all of the addons to sub folders like anything with Twepons in a folder called t-wepons and so on for the rest. Now I only have only 6 folders for all of my addons and this has speed it up tremendously. now only takes 5 sec or less to get to the loading screen after changing the map. And currently no it does not hang anywhere.
I hope to change this, but for now it works for my open weekend.

Good deal - at least you made some progress. :toot:

Just a quick question what is your server average loadin time from pressing connect to motd?

For a player which visits more than once (meaning all content loaded in) about 15-20 seconds on average. With a player who is downloading content for the first time. Could be anywhere from a few minutes up to 10 from what I’ve seen. Depends on their internet connection, how busy the server is, etc.

Yeah, luckily I have fastdl running. That is about my average to, it is kinda strange that it speeds up when you do that. It is defiantly not ideal for me for upgrades and stuff. Hey do you care if I get a link to you server and check it out? lol looks at at your website. “I know you from scriptfodder!”

So cool, I have some of your scripts on my list to buy when i get some donation inflow to my server.

Now I really want to check out your server :smiley: