TTT map "No name yet :/"

I’ve been working on a TTT map so here is some WIP screenshots!

Dump shit in this hole, you can use a button to make the water rise so you can identify the shit.

Traitor Room

Traitor Tester

Looks pretty nice, can’t wait to see it finished.

Looks alright. Lighting needs a bit of tweaking and that green sprite needs to be smaller.

I would love to see an overall picture to see the layout.

Seems a bit bland at some points. Add some props or something.

I will. As i said it’s “WIP”

It looks nice though the ceiling texture dosen’t really fit the floor.

Your map has the same lighting like absolutely everywhere. I’m not really sure blue is the best color for that wall lamp light source and the spotlight doesn’t fit with the lamp in my opinion. Also, the green lighting doesn’t fit the other ep2 lamp too. The green sprite’s radius is too big. Although, I think you should ditch the green ep2 lamps because they’re better suited for outdoors than indoors in my opinion. You should make your lighting brighter because you have like 10 different lamps in the same rooms and corridor and you can’t see anything :confused:

Here’s other advice other than your lighting. In the last screenshot, the way there’s a hole in the floor looks off. The way those pipes are faced look off too. Last but not least, you should ditch the tile floor texture; it looks off compared to your dirty-ish walls and ceilings.

Now what you’ve got so far looks nice but bland. Maybe it doesn’t stand out for you but what stands out for me is I don’t see a theme. What is the map supposed to be? What is the entire building supposed to be? I think if you read and incorporate what I’ve said above, your map could look much better.

Despite it having curves and arches, it still looks a bit blocky.

Those sprites should be “world space glow” so they don’t appear to cut into the walls.

Yeah, in fact those beams with the curve at the end in the first screenshot look kind of weird. What does that hallway look like without them?

You mean like this?

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**Is the ceiling and the floor texture better now?