TTT Map (No name yet.)

**Here is my current work progress with updates.
I’ve been working on this map for awhile. I really like the map TTT_Office and I wanted a similar feeling, which is what I was kind of going for. It’s still very much a work in progress but I’ve been working on it for awhile now.

There are of course some fun features in the map, but you’ll have to find those on your own once the map is released.

I’m open to suggestions of what you’d like to see though. This map is kind of like an office building / warehouse area. So the theme has to go along with that.

I realize it looks very dark in the screenshots, but I figure that’s because of the white background on the forum. It doesn’t look so dark in game. Lighting isn’t quite done, though, anyway.

Here are some screenshots:

Also, the map doesn’t have a name. Suggestions open for that too. Thanks.


Lot’s added. (Gotta keep some hidden, though. You’ll just have to wait.)

Anyway, here’s two pictures for anyone who cares. Lighting isn’t quite done.

Looks great!

Looks like you could use some env_sprites in some more areas though but like you said, lighting isn’t final.

Looks a lot better than CrazyChickens TTT map.

I like the last 3 pictures the most, the lighting seems complete there, in the others it’s too yellow for me.

Just realized I forgot to take my net_graph off.

So now you see that I have 300 FPS. lol.

Looks really nice, I suggest adding env_sprite to the lights.

Map released (Look in release section)