TTT map vote addon

Mapvote v1.2

The TTT map vote script is extremely easy to use and to setup.

Steps To Install

-Download zip
-place contents into Gmod addon folder
-configure maps in the config.lua file

Easy as that

Visit to download

Contribute to the developer with a small donation

Removed certain print functions that caused server crashes

added timer

This looks nice but damn your code is so cluttered :v: my ‘OCD’ cannot handle it.

I give 8/10

The derma is ehh, its not the best I’ve seen but it isnt the worst either. Code is kinda cluttered and in need of a good “ENTER” spamming to make it easier to read.

Good job though, TTT is in need of some more map vote addons!

oh code is sloppy i definitely know about that and i appreciate your guys’ feedback. figuring with how many ttt map vote addons there are out there… the only reason I would improve it is if people had found mine better than others. v1.0

I like the simplicity of it! Although, I have not yet looked at the actual code yet. I just like the design :slight_smile:

Not bad, any way you could include more maps?

So does it just appear toward the end of the map cycle or do you type in a command like !vote or something?

Nice and simple I like it, I give it a 7/10.

it appears at the end of the last round on TTT. This map vote addon was made for simplicity’s sake for TTT. It can easily be changed for another game mode though… or be added to a ulx say command like !changemap or something.

I like the profiles showing up on the bars. What happens if enough players vote on a map to fill the bar up?

Well it allows 15 votes per map… and at that point other users just cant vote for the maxed one… in a scenario where a tie occurs it selects the first map from the tie that appears in the config.lua file… Now I could definitely add a function to randomize that but this was an addon that I haven’t yet “polished”. if the demand is there for a more complex version. I’d be more than happy to revisit the addon and make it 20x better. For now I just wanted something that would show a “Nice Name” instead of ttt_krusty_krab blah blah blah. you know what im saying?

A polished version of this map would be like flashing lights, sounds, a timer… it just depends on how much time I want to put into something and if their will be enough of a demand for it.

On the looks: It looks awesome and indeed way better then most of the vote addons.

Might start using this by the weekend. I really hope you will polish this up.

I appreciate the kind words. I am starting to think there is a bit of demand for my project. I was thinking about just moving on to the next project but if people decide to donate to the cause! I would gladly revisit the code :dance:

One little question, does this already works with an RTV system?

I’ll check out if i can donate some, sooner or later…

Not sure. It’s called when ttt checks for map switch. It may I’m not too familiar with rtv

Hmm after adding it to my server, on map switch it crashed the server now and then, i can’t find any actual error’s but removing this addon solved the crashing problems…

If i can actually find any error i will make sure to report back to you.

Thank you. It could possibly be it’s printing I will remove the outputs that aren’t really needed… and lemme know if it works then would you… It would really help improve it.

UPDATED the code just to fix the problem above this post. Should work like a charm now ^.^

Then I will re-upload it today, and check back to you when i have more info :slight_smile:

Alright sounds good.