TTT mapping advice?

I’m asking for advice on good level design for TTT and not technical information like FGD and entity setup. I’ve been creating a map the past few weeks and I think it would be most appropriate for Garry’s mod and TTT at the moment. Also, I have another question. Will map file size affect the desirability of the map for TTT? What I have so far uses a lot of custom assets so I will most likely pakrat it all into a BSP file that will definitely be over 50mb.

Traps. Traps. Traps. And no traitor testers.

remember to keep it balanced and fun. don’t think “oh its a ttt map i don’t need to detail it”, you should always try your best to make it look nice

I’ve only played TTT once, looked on youtube for traps and I take it’s things like trap doors and gas rooms right?

I’m concerned it maybe the other way around for me, the map won’t have problems with being not detailed with all the custom assets I’m using right now I wonder if anyone would bother with a TTT map that is anywhere from 50 to 150 mb in size.

I would.

From my experience, people in the TTT world have a difficult time straying from the maps they know like that one street one and the small neighborhood one (havn’t played in a while so can’t fully remember names).

I made a TTT map (ttt_woodedwidow) if anyone knows about it and it is a larger file 41.58 MB. Even had a server that it was dedicated on for a community, the biggest problem people complained about is that it took forever to download, even with the fast download.

So from my experience, people seem to like quick downloads more than a well detailed and visually appealing map.

I think custom assets are great, just keep it sane and don’t overdo it. Make sure your only packing what you need and such

Anyway Ive made 3 ttt maps and I still feel p amateur map maker but Ill tell you what i feel Ive learned so far.

*Have lots of guns by default at spawns
ttt players are lazy and hate finding guns before start of map and will complain nonstop if you dont

*avoid too open areas
ttt is best with nooks and crannies for hiding bodies

*breakables, breakables everywhere
people love breaking shit, make your map dynamic, moving, alive

*t testers are hated the easier they are to use, make them breakable or dont bother

Heres a few more complicated types of testers ive seen and you should check out :
ttt_woodedwidow_b7 - you need batteries in 3 slots in different map places to power the tester, traitors can remove these.

ttt_minecraft_b5 - you need a block to power it up as its off by default and you can sabotage the tester results with a cooldown t button

ttt_innocentmotel_b6 - you test two people at once and if two traitors get in they can fool the machine results to show inno

people love traps
number one rule imo is no cheap deaths
for traps look at richland or lost temple to see it done well

i could prolly go on but most of my maps arent great so I dunno

How are bodies hidden? When I played nobody seemed to have a phys gun, something I would imagine would be used to hide a body?

You would play a 100mb tt map or you would be concerned with releasing such a large map?

equip the magneto stick, right click to pick up a body and move it

or you can left click to hang it with a rope to something

Do you think being able to throw bodies off a railing which leads to an unreachable location be appropriate? My map would have tons of these as it is surrounded by water.

technically detectives can buy binoculars to identify out of reach bodies
most view it as a waste of a credit

dm_island17 has an invisible teleport brush in the water that moves bodies that drift too far back into land, thats one option

Yeah stuff like that. And if you’ve never played TTT that much, go play it and know what people like/don’t like. I play it with my friends like every day (kill me please).


This. How are you going to design a map if you don’t know how the game is played?

Fair enough, I’ll play some TTT. The map has so far just been created for myself, only recently have I decided to make it a little more purpose built for a game-mode.

You should also place the guns according to their usage. For example, sniper rifles should be placed in areas that are either high up or overlook certain areas.

Well here is a map I made a while ago:

Yeah, my friends are pretty goofy.

I can tell you some things that I have learned:

  • Even as easy as it is to remember, absolutely do not forget to playtest for bugs. Be sure to check for every nook and cranny for something that users can exploit. Even if it is minor, fix it.

  • Make sure you make your map as unique and “Cool” as possible. You want to have alot of interactivity. (For example I made a night trap room for T’s. Break bridges, activate gas chambers, cause the power to go out for a bit.)

  • Don’t forget weapons. Ever played, ttt_bank? The weapon count is very low, you don’t want people every 30 seconds saying “where is a weapon?”

  • Add traditional things from other maps that can make people feel more comfortable. It’s hard to explain but a T Tester is a good example.

  • Make things seem obvious, I’ve had many times people asking. “Is there T tester?” When there is clearly one in the map / video. Be sure to add signs.

  • Custom content can be a pain sometimes, but you definitely want it.

  • Finally, make your map well made, polish it, avoid making it small. (Sadly this one is.)

Some points may not be agreeable, but this is all that I got from it. I hope this has helped.

I absolutely HATE it when mappers have a crap ton of guns and ammo at the spawns. Spreading out weapons encourages players to explore the map and naturally singles out players making the game mode run a little smoother. Plus, if you can’t get the weapon you want, you might just have to kill for it if you are a traitor; don’t over do weapons/ammo.

The general consensus is traps good, testers bad. As for map size, I think around 30mb or smaller is optimal. People also seem to enjoy environmental hazards such as the cars in ttt_67thway and props, lots and lots of props. Mini games and gimmicks get a lot of love from most players like the breadmaker and bowling lanes in ttt_crummycradle. That is probably due to people getting bored of being innocent/sucking at it and wanting to do something to kill time for the round. Most TTT servers run 24-32 slot servers, so try to make a map large enough to support them. I also suggest having the spawns spread around the map rather than having a specific spawn area for all of the players. Don’t be afraid to have open areas, there needs to be a balance of open and close/claustrophobic areas. Shortcuts and secrets always add to the fun. Elevators are bad for the most part, try to avoid them; people spam buttons, they can be easily exploited/broken most of the time, and generally make people upset. Most enjoy traitor and innocent objectives, but those are rather difficult to make. Traitor rooms that can be camped make players mad, avoid those.

Just a few things off the top of my head.

A large portion of the areas in the map should have multiple entrances/exits.

TTT maps are awful when they are just a bunch of rooms with only one entrance each, all you can do is kill someone and hope nobody is in the area otherwise you’re screwed. Its the reason people actually play clue when its the size of a matchbox.

Amsterville is one of my favourite maps for TTT; It has loads of dark alleys and little nooks and crannies, its really easy to pick people off and hide the bodies. The open areas are good because there are so many places to hide and snipe as well, so you don’t just get everyone crowding in the open space because its safe.

to respond to the last 3 posts

I have some good and bad then, the level itself is a pretty good size. Four decks in total with pretty good flow. As for the bad, I’ll definitely be over 30mb in custom content and I’ve got a 4 floor multi-stop elevator that has a trigger that removes any junk inside of it to prevent it being jammed. The elevator is not necessary for going between floors though. I’m not going to remove either of these, as I’ve got a vision that I want to stick with. Maybe this will be better suited for CS:GO.