TTT Mapping Contest! $100 Prize Money!

Hello. I am running a mapping contest open to everyone that can make maps. The winner will get $100!
I’m tired of the same old TTT maps being played and would like some new quality maps made for the community.

How to enter:
Simply post several screenshots of your map on this thread as well as download link to a bsp of it. Each map will be play tested.
Contest closes June 31st.

First Prize: will get $100! A good price for a map.
Second Prize: will get $50.

All prizes will be awarded through PayPal.


1. The map must not be on any other server.
2. The map must be new but not necessarily for this contest.
3. The map is yours to keep and do whatever with, e.g upload to the Workshop.

Disclaimer: Low effort maps will not be considered for a prize.

Edit: I have extended the contest to June 31.

Edit: May 5th: Should have posted this a while ago but collaborations are totally fine.

I really want to do this but personally a month probably isn’t long enough for me to make anything decent. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m very glad to see a TTT mapping contest though! Looking forward to the end results.

It doesn’t help when the community itself votes to play the same old maps over and over again.

Woo! This might actually motivate me to finish a old map I was working on.

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What does this mean?

It should be a new map but not necessarily started today.

Anyone want to team up on this? It’s been a while and I want to get back into source level developing. My steam is [SI] verηoηboy4. Add and message me if your interested. If we make any profits, we will split it right down the middle.

Is it cool if I submit my map I released on the Workshop a week or two ago? If not, thats cool, just thought I would ask

Eh might be able to enter this. not sure though.

I had started a newish map about a month ago for TTT but only got about 3/4ths of the way through the layout

i think im going to enter

I also have a map I started awhile ago but I’m so busy these days I’d be hard pressed to find enough time to finish it for the contest. :frowning:

Matt, if you wanted to enter the map into the contest I could help you finish it if you’d like? I’m pretty good with architectural things and pretty crafty with hammer. If you want to just let me know.

That’s why the best TTT servers don’t vote; they just rotate.

What are the judging criteria?

because sometimes a super fun map might be ugly, (most ttt maps) and pretty maps might not be fun.

So what weighs more in this contest?

For me, I’m not the only person judging, it’s not being super ugly like this or this and plays well. Also I like cool traps and shit like that.

But yeah, gameplay over aesthetics.

Hey I appreciate that you are the one rewarding the winner, but it’d be nice if you brought in two or three popular mappers on fp to help judge the competition.

Preferably send them the content with them not knowing whose map they are looking at.

I wouldn’t mind being a judge if this ends up finished. Not sure if people really remember any work I have done.

I’d love to do this but annoyingly only have Linux so I can’t map… Good luck to anyone who enters though!

I can help judge as well.

I’ll throw in an extra $25 to that pool.

Yeah honestly I’d be more into judging rather than mapping this time around

but if you’d rather I not I might be able to finish what I started a while ago if I find time