TTT Mapping Contest! With cash prizes!

Our community is hosting a small mapping contest that is accepting public submissions (we only have 2-3 Hammer-capable members) and we’re bringing it to FacePunch. The maps won’t be meant to be exclusive to our community, aside from a bit of branding (that is okay if removed for a public release), and we really just want to see great new maps come into TTT’s rotation. Below are the details!

This contest will be public and submissions from outside sources will be accepted (such as Facepunch).


Prize pool:
First place: $60 Amazon/Steam Giftcard
Runner-up: $25 Amazon/Steam Giftcard
Consolation: Random Steam game gift (of our choosing)
Participation: Forum badge and donator rank

End date: Oct. 6th 2015
Contest will be cancelled if less than 3 submissions are made before the end date.

Made for TTT and come with arming script for both weapons and spawns (at least 15 spawns please!)
Have at least 3 traitor traps (not including traitor doors/teleports)
Have our logo or the words “Evidence Gaming” or “Evidence” somewhere on the map
Must /NOT/ require Team Fortress/EP:1/EP:2


  • Gameplay balance
  • Creativity
  • Opinion from members

We will not provide a testing server.

We highly encourage that participants form a team to help them test, come up with ideas, etc. Members of your team will receive participation prizes!

Not a shameless plug, but a link to the thread for submissions:
Posting your submission here works too.

Let us know if you’re interested in participating!

When you say

do you mean it has to have an arming script as opposed to weapons being placed in the map normally?

Nice contest by the way.

Right, one of those TTT .txt arming scripts is preferred

Thanks! It’s not the first giveaway/contest we’ve done, but the first one to hit Facepunch (won’t be the last either).

I can make outside arming scripts for anyone for free. Otherwise, you can always embed the entity pointers in your map.

I might be able to give my server to help test and showcase maps (if I still have it up at that time)

code_gs /and/ Exho?!

That’s great of you guys! I’ll send any mappers in need of either of those your way (easy way to get a consolation prize, amirite? haha)

Okay, so 1 months time…? that is not very much time.
BUT! I’ve got 3 friends whom of are very good mappers.

So, challenge might be accepted!

How about this:

An extended version on cs_office
Since we all know in general it’s a pretty decent map for TTT
well balanced with the circles so you are bound to bump into one and another

We’ll do the map adaptive, so: the more player it is, the larger the map is.
(Doors that unlocks,… etc force-fields?)

Make well balanced traps
Other words, not just a push of a button will kill about 1/2 remaining innocents.
Even make it so that you can escape most of the traps if you are quick or you know how to.

Make some cool stuff for Detectives too
IDK what that would be, but I’m guessing a D room? Or some fast travel stuff…

Put in SNOWfall
Snow is gr8, make it snow

Balance the light in the mape
To make it stand out more, maybe make it evening…?

Add in a Traitor room, cus it’s fun?

Make the elevators work, elevators are cool!

Make corps disposals, maybe trashcans for them or some cool system to shred them, its a office after all? :stuck_out_tongue:

Make a basement? I love dark basements where you can jump-scare someone with a knife :smiley:

Even a 2. floor, since we might have the elevators working?

Give me ideas

I’ve created 3 maps between the last mapping contest (which the creator bailed on) and this one :confused:

So a fourth isn’t a big deal, right? :slight_smile: I promise I won’t bail like that last dude.

@Partykilla Sounds good! If a month turns out to be too little time and means half-assed maps, then it can be extended. A revamped version of office sounds great though! I think something that would be a good feature is a really nice contrast of the inside and outside, like wintermansion, how it’s really cozy and warm inside but outside is dark and miserable; perfect for traitors.

click here for screenshots

Okay so we made an traitor tester with keypad for now, idea is to have it open at an random time after, say 5 min. So anywhere from between 5 min and 12. (So that if the rounds takes longer than expected, there will be a traitor tester)?

Also we made an “Trash Master” :slight_smile: Very funny. Check out the screenshots.

I will also be willing to throw some maps that you want tested onto my server. Hit me up with a PM if you want.

Anyway, Great contest idea! Sounds fun and we should get to see some cool stuff come out of this.

I’ll see what I can do.

That looks great! Keep us updated, I’m looking forward to testing the map out if you’d let me :slight_smile:

This contest is still going with 5 people having started on a map. Not entirely sure where everyone is with their progress, but if there is anyone else that is interested please let me know and we can push the end-date for latecomers!

It would be great to be updated with any progress made on maps guys :slight_smile:

Since Destiny Taken King, I wont be working any further on the map for now.

But so far I also made an reception and a underground. Made the elevators work, leading to 2. floor.
I did not make any content on second floor yet to except a room.

The underground is really grate, it’s connecting the map at 3 points, just like the rest. Made it adaptive to unlock with player count. Also added a T room and a epic trap outside the toilets, and oh yeah also made the toilets :slight_smile: Underground is connected trough new outside area as well as the dark part below outer office area. And a new part: A fancy server room :slight_smile:

Progress so far:

I’m interested, Hopefully I’ll get a map around the dead line.

mfw I have to plan contests around major game releases.

I’ll strike up a chat with the others and see if we can’t extend the deadline a bit :slight_smile: I’d like to see your map finished in time with the rest.

its times like these that i wish i still had my “pit” map
it was a recreation of the dark knight rises jail in a well

never finished it but i got damn close…

Might be a good idea to post this in the mapping section too? I’m not sure if you’ve seen how the last 2 gmod contests have gone (awfully) so hopefully you guys wont make the same mistakes/be more organised.

I can put up a server if one’s needed?