TTT Mapping Help: Prop Possession

So I’ve got an awesome spectator room all ready now, and there’s a dispenser in the middle that uses a point_template to drop watermelons from it. It makes sure there’s always exactly 25 in play at a time. Problem is I can’t possess the melons as a spectator in TTT. There was a discussion about how to use LUA and something like

Ent.AllowPropspec = true

to fix this, but I know that the prop could easily be possessed without this code. I believe it’s either a flag in the prop itself or in the point_template that’s causing the issue. I’m just not sure which one. Any tips?

Players can’t control props with a targetname

I thought that, so I change the point_template to create props without a targetname. I even tested it in game using ent_text watermelon (btw watermelon was the original target name), and nothing showed up. Still couldn’t possess them though :confused:
I’ll try it again in case I did something retarted and I’m assuming something too soon.

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Yeah, I still can’t get it to work…it might be the version of TTT I have. I have v20, since the SVN version is password procted (btw wtf is up with that?! It’s supposed to come with garrys mod, and yet I don’t have it!!! ALL CAPS RAGE!)

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…oh boy. I was wrong! All of them hold the same targetname of “watermelon”…how do I fix this?

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MAybe I should use env_entity_maker instead?

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no wait, it’s just a wrapper. more or less…i think.

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Would the name fixup in the point_template entity fix this problem?

Checking that means entities spawn with names like melon1, melon2, melon3 etc. Unchecking it means it will only spawn them with the original name.

melon&0001, melon&0002, melon&0003 actually.
On the topic: Is there a prop_physics_repsawnable in gmod? I think you can replace point_template with this.

I’ve got the garrysmod.fgd loaded…I don’t see anything with a name like that. I’ll look it up, though.