TTT maps forcing 'default' player models

TTT maps forcing ‘default’ player models that over-write the current (purchased from pointshop) player model.

People buy player models from the pointshop.
The prep-round session ends and you are given a roll. (T/I/D), and the model that the player has equipped is change to a different one.
This happens for everyone, and it is not a roll specific player model. It is a server-wide player model change.
Only certain maps do this, is there a way i can disable it or force the current player’s player models to stay when the rolls are selected?

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"I have posted this a few times for other people.

Go to player_ext.lua,then remove or comment out line 271"

Smithy285 solved my problem. Thank you. Hope this post helps others.

Keep this unsolved so you can help others. Really great topic!