TTT Mine Turtle

THIS is a Mine Turtle for TTT. Someone created this once, then removed it and all evidence of it. I don’t know why, but they did. So I decided to give it a try and create my own Mine Turtle and here it is!

The Mine Turtle works where the Traitor can either left click to just drop the turtle, or right click to stick it on a surface. Once every player in the area has left it’s vicinity the turtle will arm itself. The next person to walk around the corner will be met with a friendly “Hello” and a not so friendly death.
All factors including explosion delay, explosion radius and explosion damage can be controlled if you extract the file and manually put it onto your TTT server.
“THIS IS SO UNBALANCED!” I hear you cry. Well, you might be right… but who doesn’t want a Mine Turtle on their TTT server? Right?! But no, this isn’t that unbalanced. The placer will emit a “Hello Mine Turtle” sound, then when the turtle arms it clicks, and when someone comes around the corner the turtle will say “Hello” which will give you 1 and a half seconds to get the hell out of there! It can also kill fellow traitors, and even you!

Please post any bugs you have in this discussion or on the Workshop page. Pictures and videos will come shortly.

Thank you!

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