TTT Missing maps error? (Missing maps "TTT_xxxx.... disconnecting")

So, I’m running a TTT server and everything seems to be fine, but when the map changes, the entire server will disconnect with the same error, missing maps. We currently don’t have a fast-dl, but I can set one up. But I’m sure there is another way to do it or fix it.

If I put .Bz2’s of the map in the server, will it DL those and work? or will I need to set-up a fast-dl with the bz2’s or will I have to put in the .bsp’s and bz2’s? I am confused on how to fix this. Some help would be appreciated.

This means the client(s) don’t have the map. To fix this, get a webserver ( do a cheap one I would offer you the one I use for Now-Servers but I can only give it to clients of mine) Anyway, Create the following folders in your WEBSERVER FTP:

models/(If you have custom models)
materials/(If you have custom materiels)
sounds/(If you have custom sounds)

Then, Upload ALL the maps to the Maps folder. (Bzipping it will make it download faster so, BZIP Them then put them into the folder) Next, youll have a webaddress goto your SERVER CFG Editor or you Server.cfg file in FTP and add the following:

sv_downloadurl ''
sv_allowdownload 1
sv_allowupload 1

Then, add your Cache (IT must be the LATEST one in your Cache folder)** DO NOT BZIP IT.**
Same for sounds, models and materials.

That should fix the problems.

Hope It helps,
Managing Director, Now-Servers