TTT Model Issue [URGENT]

I desperately need help with my pointshop model issue.

Its the most common pointshop, by, I believe his name on the forums was _undefined.

So the issue I’m having is after every round, the player models reset. A common problem with some people I’ve noticed. I googled to see what I should do and all the tutorials/forums and shit say to edit out (comment out in Notepad++ with a --) lines 271 and 272.
So I did, and now what’s happened is the entire server is broken. It gives script errors, people won’t spawn in, nothing is working right. So I was like ‘OKAY Okay. I’ll just change the file back to the way it was by removing the comment lines.’ Loe and behold, it didn’t work. Everything is still broken. I have the server set to restore to a backup from last Saturday at 2AM (PACIFIC) tomorrow, but I’d still like to know how to fix the player model issue. If anyone knows how to fix the model issue for the current version of GMOD and TTT, that would be great, along with maybe knowing how to fix the initial problem that’s breaking the server.

Any help is appreciated.

Hire a coder or learn it yourself.

TTT sets player models @ round start, and you seem to break it.

What file was it?

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If you’re talking about editing player_ext.lua then comment out lines 272 and 273 NOT 271. That post you saw was probably old and a new line of code was added to that file. If you just want to reset the file to the stock ttt version then get it from here.

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Also from now on please post in the Help & Support section because that is where stuff like this belongs. Thanks.

How is your pointshop models “urgent” for anyone but you?