TTT Money Script

I’m requesting *“probably the hardest LUA code ever.”- Ian
I’m requesting the ten thousand line LUA code, money for TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town).
The code consists of

[li]Earning $10 per traitor kill, $20 per Innocent > traitor kill, -$50 per traitor team kill, etc.[/li][li]With the money you should be able to buy default and some custom SWEPs for specified prices.[/li][li]Hats, special role weapons (EXPENSIVE), etc.[/li][li]And Traitor/Detective for a round.[/li][/ol]
If anybody is willing to help me with this, I will help in any way I can.

Thanks in advance,
- Evil

I doubt that anyone will do this for you, unless you pay thema large amount of money. If you really want this doing go and learn some Lua.