TTT Music after round error

I’ve been using this mod for a little bit of the day

Just earlier I attempted to add a couple more songs since I was getting tired of hearing the same songs over and over. After that I placed the songs in the same way I did previously and received this error.

[ERROR] EndRoundSounds:2: invalid escape sequence near ‘"ttt’

  1. unknown - EndRoundSounds:0

Here is how I placed the songs in the sounds.txt

WST:AddSound(INNOCENT,“ttt\sound\song1”,“MoButt”,“Turn Down For What”)
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT,“ttt\sound\song9”,“Earth Wind & Fire”,“September”)
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT,“ttt\sound\song8”,“Bee Gees”,“Staying Alive”)
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT,“ttt\sound\song10”,“Far East Movement”,“The Illist”)
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR,“ttt\sound\song3”,“H8_Seed”,“Neverending Strife”)
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR,“ttt\sound\song4”,“50 Cent”,“In Da Club”)
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR,“ttt\sound\song5”,“The Heavy”,“Short Change Hero”)
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR,“ttt\sound\song11”,“Chief Keef”,“Hate Being Sober”)
WST:AddSound(TIMEOUT,“ttt\sound\song2”,“EVADOG”,“Busted Watch”

\ is an escape operator, you have to use it twice like so \

would you happen to be able to show me where? I tried these and neither worked.

tt\sound\song1","MoButt"," Turn Down For What")

“ttt\sound\song1”,MoButt"," Turn Down For What")

Oh hey, I use that addon.

WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "kdttt/innowin01.mp3")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "kdttt/innowin02.mp3")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "kdttt/innowin03.mp3")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT, "kdttt/innowin04.mp3")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "kdttt/traitorwin01.mp3")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "kdttt/traitorwin02.mp3")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "kdttt/traitorwin03.mp3")
WST:AddSound(TRAITOR, "kdttt/traitorwin04.mp3")
WST:AddSound(TIMEOUT, "kdttt/draw01.mp3")

Instead of it being sound/ttt, I went sound/kdttt

If I recall, that error means the slashes are the wrong way around

just change the \ to /
only use \ when doing escape stuff, like ", ',

Just switched it over, its not an error anymore but now its saying the songs don’t exist.

Round Music – The file: 'sound,ttt,sound,song1" does not exist

add the file type to the end, instead of this
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT,“ttt\sound\song1”,“MoButt”," Turn Down For What")
WST:AddSound(INNOCENT,“ttt\sound\song1.mp3”,“MoButt”," Turn Down For What")

or whatever file type it is

Because it doesn’t exist. You need the file extension too. Look at my post above. It also showed that you should be using “/”

Thank you so much, took me forever and now that I know it was just as simple as adding .mp3. Thanks