[ TTT ] Need Code For disabling Innocents to throw Fire Nades

and shows a sentence on screen : you cannot throw incendiary grenade as innocent or detective .

Thanks ahead


If the player has the nade out and he’s trying to attack, return true end.
Then use draw.DrawText for the message

wow 6 thought is dumb x3 hah … sorry , i dont even know lua at all so i cant do it myself , i just wanna get this code for a friend’s server , we have been annoyed by innocents killing people by fire . can u plz code this ?that will be really helpful .

This is a Developer Discussion subforum. If you plan on developing something we can help but otherwise the answer is NO. If you want someone to code something for you then go to ScriptFodder or one of the countless other similar websites and create a job.

ok , i will close it then :frowning: