(TTT) Need LUA code for Traitor Knife

Could someone please supply me with the code for a knife that when used on a innocent, turns that innocent into a traitor? :slight_smile:
I just need the LUA “shared” file, I would really appreciate it!
(I would like it to be in the traitor shop also, for preferably 1 credit)
(compensation: Not that much money atm, TF2 items and trading cards? :/)

“Could someone do gratuitous work with no compensation but as a favor for me, a stranger who you’ve never even met?”

Or how about you try to make it yourself and come back if you have any trouble? You only need to add literally 2 lines of code and delete the damage applying part.

Just learn how to do it; it’s really easy and it’ll give you at least some insight into lua.


Considering how many players buy the knife, this may get unbalanced. How about 50/50 chance?

Just having this at all is a really bad idea IMO, think about it, all the traitor’s are just going to buy that knife straight away and turn all their best buddies into Traitors, It’s unfair for all the players.

Wouldn’t a wad of cash item be better? Can only be bought once per round, so only by 1 traitor not by each and every traitor.

They have to throw the wad of cash and hit an innocent, without being seen to turn them :smiley:

Sounds awesome :smiley:

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mmmm yeah, and they either die or go T :smiley:

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I’ll test it out now :smiley: