TTT: Need some help making Traitor shop items cost 0 points.

I decided to make some silenced/suppressed weapons free. Mainly, the Silent TMP, Silenced Pistol and Suppressed M4A1.
These weapons weren’t seeing use since a credit is better spent on something completely silent, like the knife, or useful tools like armor and the flare gun.

My solution for a bit was making a Traitor-only section in the PointShop, but most people don’t really open it while alive. So I found this which helped me make some Traitor shop items cost 0. Adding some flashy icons and “This weapon is free! 0 credits!” to the description seems to help their use.

The only issue it that Traitors must have one credit in order to buy the 0 credit items.


SWEP.Cost = -1 

results in getting a credit for buying it (lol).

It’s a minor inconvenience, but I’d prefer to have it fixed :slight_smile:

Just saying.
If you really want to let players buy items even if they have no credits then check the following out:

I know. Everything else in the Traitor shop is 1 credit.

Only reason anyone would spend a credit on a silenced weapon was if I buffed them, but then they’d be OP. And just releasing all silenced/suppressed weapons to non-T’s is an RDM fest waiting to happen.

New bug now: can’t buy two weapons (Silenced Pistol w/ M4A1-S or Sil. TMP) even though they’re in different slots (T shop says “already have a weapon in Slot 3!” when trying to buy the pistol with another silenced weapon in your inv).
Dropping one to buy the other works, but then you can’t pick up the dropped weapon. Crouching and pressing E does nothing. Someone else can walk buy and pick it up, though.

Weird. Their SWEP.Slot’s are all set properly. (1 for S. Pistol, 2 for the rest) and I haven’t modified anything else.

You have to change SWEP.Kind.
For example if you want it in Secondary Slot you have to set SWEP.Kind to WEAPON_PISTOL.

You can find more about SWEP.Kind on this page: