TTT, New detective item.

This just pop’ed up in my head, hear me out though.
A, CAMERA! It records everything it see’s, but when the detective dies, the cam stops recording. Someone could find the tape to look at it, being able to fast forward, rewind, and pause. A traitor, could destroy the tape, (if he killed someone while the camera was looking. You can place it somewhere hard to find. (you have to place it manually so you can’t put it out of reach.) It just pop’ed in my head, so I would like some comments for this. :3

It was requested as traitor weapon on on of the servers already

But still nice idea

Would be really hard to do due to recordings. But i have a Spy Camera on my server`? It functions like a camera from sandbox, you can drop it or stick it to a wall like a C4.