TTT - New Jihad Bomb

New TTT Jihad Bomb
This is my attempt at creating a lightweight, balanced, bug-free version of the popular Jihad Bomb addon for Trouble in Terrorist Town. Using the classic C4 model, it relies on no custom materials or models. Custom sounds are used to indicate the bomb arming, praises of Allah and the explosion, in that order. All sounds (except bomb arming) were extracted from Syrian War videos by me. This Jihad Bomb features a 3-second delay timer, working animations and multiple “Allahu Ackbar!” screams which are played right before detonation.



  • A 3-second detonation timer
  • Third-person animations (upon arming, the player will raise the bomb up in the air, similar to a crowbar)
  • First-person animations (upon arming, the player will perform the CS:S bomb planting animation)
  • Unique bomb arming sound (CS:GO bomb planting sound)
  • Multiple Syrian Rebel “Allahu Ackbar!” praises (played shortly before detonation)
  • Custom explosion sound (cherry-picked from Syrian War videos)
  • Upon successful detonation, the user’s body is changed to a random charred corpse
  • Upon player death before detonation, the bomb still explodes but does only 50 damage (as opposed to 200)
  • No more stupid sparks upon arming

Check the Steam Workshop page for the list of updates

So Syrian jihadists are going to send us DMCAs now? Nice!

I like that it use the classic C4 model.

Well let’s watch the thing in action then.

Remove custom sound and replace hl2 helicopter bomb sound.

Does it use that old CS 1.6 jihad sound? That would be amazing

I was always reluctant to add actual Allah Akbar sounds when players told me to. Doesn’t it seem fucked up to actual Muslim people? You’re totally spitting on their God and their people with just a sound, the phrase jihad is kind of bad too although I’m guilty of using it as well.

I’m a muslim so trust me when I say it’s not offensive. Allahu Ackbar Muhammad Jihad.

This sound is absolutely necessary to the usage of this addon:

github pls b0ss.