ttt not working...

For some reason whenever I join a trouble in terrorist town server, no traditional heads up display appears and the only weapon I have is the crowbar. I can’t see weapons on the ground or people talking on the mic. And everyone’s name in chat is pink. I have no hacks or cheats installed. What do I do to go back to playing ttt like normal?

Do you have counter strike source?

Yes, and tf2 and portal.

What are your addons?

This is all from the Recent Gmod update.
Just wait for the next one, if garry decides to fix it; since sandbox is also out of working comission aswell.

Any servers which are not affected are so lucky, but anyway. Just wait and see for now.

I had this, to fix. Goto your garrysmod/garrysmod folder then cache, delete your DUA folder. All this does is deletes the Client Side scripts, (.lua files), from gmod. When you join a TTT server now it will re-download all the lua files and should fix all crouptions there.

Change your Steam language to English. There was a bug in the last update which means people using non-English languages can’t download the lua cache. It’ll be fixed in the next update.

I have the same issue at the moment. I have cleared my DUA cache multiple times and have even reinstalled Garrysmod.

The server host recently installed Script Enforcer which I believe may be linked to the problem.

Thanks! found out script enforcer was the problem and I also cleared my DUA file so it works fine now, thanks again.