TTT or Fretta?

I was going to make a Fretta server for Garry’s Mod, but then I realised, there aren’t enough Vanilla TTT servers anymore (That actually have good communities)

So I was wondering, should we put vanilla Trouble in Terrorist Town on the server or a variety of Fretta gamemodes?

(Please use the poll here: if you can. Thanks)

Why not just have both considering TTT is Fretta compatible.

No, because then people will spam the shit outta TTT and people who wanted to play Fretta without it get pissed.

They won’t spam TTT if you add other fun gamemodes.

At the moment I kind of would prefer it if we either had TTT on it’s own or Fretta, just to make it easier for us.

Isn’t that the point of voting?

Yeah, and you weren’t listening to what I said.

What I was trying to say is alot of people would join fretta just to play TTT and it would piss off the people who want to play other gamemodes.
That is the reason why lots of servers are TTT-only.

Right, same stuff when you have a Fretta server and multiple gamemodes.

I think you are missing the point, he means he wants one or the other.


isnt the point of TTT to kill everyone you see? well thats what i do, as far as i know i really won the game

As far as I know your pretty stupid if you think TTT is just killing the masses without reading over what to do first of all.

On topic: TTT Vanilla servers are few and far between, set one up and I’ll be sure to come.

Okay, I’ll put down one for TTT on my tally.

I run a custom TTT server and, I would have to agree with Rokhazula, very few “good” Vanilla TTT servers exist. Put up TTT and I’ll help out with anything you need.

i was referring to the fact that, thats all that happens; im not the only one who does it

I’d go for TTT, Its one gamemode and its easier to take care of, Also I’d join. I like TTT :D.

The scores are neck and neck with Fretta having 4 votes and TTT having 4 votes.


Vote closes tommorow, guys.

I think you should make a script that allows you to play TTT every hour or so