TTT overide stopsound when a new round starts

Im trying to play music on my TTT server for players but whenever a new round starts and the players spawn it stops. How can I get around this? I cant find where in TTT’s code this happens.

I don’t think you can. This is probably caused by cleaning the map with game.CleanUpMap()

found it. Just going to take it out.

Jokes on you, it will not clean up the map ( It won’t respawn props or weapons ) if you do.

Jokes on you. I wasnt talking about your comment. Considering your useless to this community, never have given a right answer, and are, a dick.

Yeah, haters gonna hate. Can you prove any of what you said about me, hm?

Considering I don’t see any other comments in this thread, I don’t know how you wasn’t talking about my comment.

Why would you want the music to continue after the round starts? And It could be the code itself stopping on round start.

Considering Robotboy gives a lot to the community I don’t think you have a right to state that he is useless. In fact, the simple point that he tried to help you and you turn and bash him shows that you are indeed, the dick.

Almost every single one of Robo’s posts sounds condescending to me, so it’s no surprise.

What is that supposed to mean?

It means that you are helpful but sometimes immature and impatient.

Well, this is true, sometimes the laziness/ignorance in people annoys me.

Well dealing with the same thing everyday can do that to you. IMO as long as you’re helpful it doesn’t matter.

Its a music player, not some end round dubstep crap. The code isn’t stopping it because I made it and its simple enough. Also, don’t pat this guy on the back and tell him its ok to be a flagarant ass.

Ill prove my points later when I have the time for it but ill just leave you with this lovely encounter with him where he sent me far off what was right. I kept trying different things based on what he said (all not working). Later finding out that he wasn’t even close to right. And this whole time he was calling me the idiot for trying to decode his bullshit.