TTT passive item wear off/expire

Is there anyway to set a TTT passive item to wear off/expire? (ie. when ply:HasEquipItem() is called, it will return false)

I figure the players active equipment is stored in a table which you could remove it from

does anyone know the table?

self.equipment_items = bit.bor(self.equipment_items, id)

How it adds items to the player (self is the player, ID the id of the equipment item)

so what I am getting (after studying a bit of bitwise) is this -

self.equipment_items = bit.bxor(self.equipment_items, id)

if it works, I’ll edit this post

It does have the function return false, but the item is still not repurchasable in the buy/c menu, any ideas?

local mybits = 0
mybits = bit.bor(mybits, 2) -- give 2 4 and 8 to mybits
mybits = bit.bor(mybits, 4)
mybits = bit.bor(mybits, 8)

print(, 4) == 4) -- does mybits have 4

mybits =, bit.bnot(4)) -- take away 4 from mybits

print(, 4) == 4) -- does mybits have 4

print(, 2) == 2) -- does mybits have 2



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self.equipment_items =, bit.bnot(id))