TTT Player Models

How do I fix a player model so that it animates? The skin is there but it wont move. Thanks!

Then it’s most likely not a player model, hold down Q, in top left search for “player”, spam enter, right click the model you want and click “Copy to Clipboard”.

That doesn’t answer his question. Yes, it is not a player model, or is an outdated one.

The ONLY way to fix it is to recompile it, and the chance of a successful recompile is very low, because there is no 100% safe decompiler.

What do you mean exactly, is the player stuck in a T-Pose? if so it could be an old model which means a simple decompile and a tweak of the QC could fix the problem maybe.

Post the link to where you got the model and I can try to add the proper animations.

in your pointshop lua folder use this and you will use the default movement of the skin

ITEM.Name = 'Model Name Goes here'
ITEM.Price = 250
ITEM.Model = 'Model File Location Goes Here'

function ITEM:OnEquip(ply, modifications)
if not ply._OldModel then
ply._OldModel = ply:GetModel()

timer.Simple(1, function() ply:SetModel(self.Model) end)

function ITEM:OnHolster(ply)
if ply._OldModel then

This is for TTT pointshop btw. and heres the ones that arent animating

and i cant find it again but some gingerbread man model BUT if you can do the sailor scouts that’d be awesome!

These aren’t player models, They are just ragdolls.

I’m working on converting them to playermodels; I have two done so far.

OP is lucky they are on valve skeleton.

Most likely it’s in a t-pose because it’s not a player model, just the ragdoll, try navigating to models/player and they should be fine.

They are ragdolls, that’s why I’m fixing them.