TTT playermodels models wont work.

Hey i just followed guide of Guide Of gettin playermodels in the ttt pointshop… The pointshop works We installed everything right… Made the lua files… We are able to buy them and equip but they show as ERRORS. we have the 2 codes for this one.

if ( SERVER ) then

player_manager.AddValidModel( "Altaïr",		"models/player/assassinsCreed/altair_pmodel.mdl" )


list.Set( "PlayerOptionsModel", "Altaïr", "models/player/assassinsCreed/altair_pmodel.mdl" );

--// File Generated By Fox-Warrior's Resources Generator Version 2.05 \\--

if (SERVER) then
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Models/player/assassinsCreed/altair_pmodel.mdl" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/137b2d78.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/1cfee455.vmt" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/1cfee455.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/1e37ced2.vmt" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/1e37ced2.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/2876ce61.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/5c12999c.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/61106cfc.vmt" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/61106cfc.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/6bb79473.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/7a02528f.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/8f68f4b2.vmt" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/8f68f4b2.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/92664d83.vmt" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/92664d83.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/a45b73ef.vmt" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/a45b73ef.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/bffc6e5f.vmt" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/bffc6e5f.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/d37bb2e4.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/e1e01c6e.vmt" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/e1e01c6e.vtf" )
	resource.AddFile( "altair pmodel/Materials/Models/altaïr/ef11471f.vtf" )


ITEM.Name = 'Altair'
ITEM.Price = 946126489
ITEM.Model = 'models/player/assassinsCreed/altair_pmodel.mdl'
ITEM.AdminOnly = true
function ITEM:OnEquip(ply, modifications)
if not ply._OldModel then
ply._OldModel = ply:GetModel()

timer.Simple(1, function() ply:SetModel(self.Model) end)

function ITEM:OnHolster(ply)
if ply._OldModel then

And this is an Model. We also tested with Grim reaper one And it had same issue Please help. This is server hosted on xenongames.

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Also we have troubles with Uteam. We downloaded it but there is no gui appearing for it…

You have to paste
resource.AddFile( “altair pmodel/Models/player/assassinsCreed/altair_pmodel.mdl” )
5 times more and change the endings on them to from .mdl to .dx90.vtx, .dx80.vtx, .vvd, .phy,and .sw.vtx
and if your playermodel has it then add .xbox.vtx.


  1. Delete the Altair pmodel from the front of the path, it’s not valid. Just start from models or materials.
  2. Make all your paths lowercase