[TTT] PointShop Admin Tab won't work.

Hello all!

So, I couldn’t see the admin tab on my server, but I fixed that. I can now see it, but can’t use it. It comes up with no lua errors. Whenever I go to give someone points or set points or give items, there are no errors or nothing. It just simply does absolutely nothing. I was wondering if anyone could help figure out how I could fix this, cause I have a donor who needs to receive his points, but it does nothing.

I followed this to be able to see my admin tab.


Thanks a ton in advance!

Nobody can do anything without the code. Post it.

Which one? The only ones that where changed are in the link, but I can post the code of the ones I modified, if that’s what your asking for.

Post the code of the admin category and all items in it, using [noparse][LUA][/LUA][/noparse] tags.

Like the _category.lua? If so, it’s not a section like that. It’s the admin tab, where you can set players points and stuff. There is no folder called admin that you can modify and add items and has a _category.lua in it. I don’t think you can modify it very easily, all I know is that if you add bits of code in the sv_pointsop.lua, sh_config.lua and the DPointShopMenu.lua, you can make it so other ranks can access the tab, if you want me to paste all of those files using the [lua][/lua] I can.

Alright, when you said there are no errors did you check your client console only? Make sure to check the server console for anything, blue text, permission denying etc.

Also, what admin mod are you using?

I am not quite sure what your problem is without any code or dir pasted. I can recommend you take the pointshop .lua files and other data you have that you want from your pointshop, extract it then throw it in a new version of pointshop. Their is probably and easier way to fix this but I don’t know anything without code or dir.

Nope. None in the server console or the client console. I am using ULX Admin Mod. I don’t know, are there more then one version of ULX admin mod and that is your question? All I know is it’s ULX.

EDIT: If this is what you mean it’s version 3.61

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I already tried replacing the PS. All it did was no longer give me admin tab access and remove everyone’s points. What code do you need and I’ll post it.

Well what’s the name of the admin group you created ?

it’s owner. All lower case.

Well the fastest way to solve this is to make owner inherit from superadmin or admin.

Hm. Did you make sure that you spelled it case sensitive? If I am understanding this right you are trying to make ULX work with the pointshop admin shop? If all fails giving your self all the commands in your ULX permissions should make it recognize you as a “admin” and access the tab.

Well foolish me deleted superadmin and admin a while back when I first started the server not knowing what I’d get myself into. Can I just create a new group called superadmin and give it all the commands or will that not work.

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I can see the pointshop admin section just fine, just all the commands inside do nothing but give no errors.