TTT Pointshop Issue

So for my pointshop I’ve been having issues. I added some models to it and they seem to reset when the round starts. I’ve got the most recent Pointshop and I deleted line 271 in player_ext.lua. Anyone got any suggestions

Something else is setting the model. Also, don’t delete line 271; that was fixed a long time ago.

Alright but what else can I do to fix this?

Take out your other addons and find out what’s causing it. That, or create another timer to set the model later.

These are my current addons:
Pointshop extras
pointshop master
I’ve never had a problem with these addons with a pointshop on my other server

Would it be wise to put the code for line 271 back into player_ext.lua?

Go to gamemodes/terrortown/gamemode/player_ext•.lua
Scroll down to line 271, either delete it or hide it by adding “//” at the beginning of the code line. now your• models work after the round starts.

Read the thread first. He already did that, plus, it’s not even necessary anymore since it was fixed. Don’t reply if you’re going to contribute nothing.

line 271; still resets the playermodel plus I did contribute something since he still asked a question asking if it was “wise to put the code for line 271 back into player_ext.lua” so I didn’t really contribute nothing but I really didn’t answer his question.

Try and put // in front of the code.

He shouldn’t remove it at all since this was fixed forever ago.

I put the code back but I am still having the issue. Anything else?

Did you create another timer to set the model? Did you try taking out your addons?

I haven’t set a timer for the model. I’ll go ahead and try. I doubt it’s the addons because I’ve used these same addons before with the pointshop and have had no issues