[TTT] Pointshop New Tabs

Well, I’ve added the Pointshop Addon to my TTT Server. I want all server owner wants: VIP Tab. I tried to create a folder “vip” on my “addons/pointshop/items/lua/” folder and inside, copy the “__category.lua” file. When I do that, I used that code in my “__category.lua” file:

CATEGORY.Name = 'Vip'
CATEGORY.Icon = 'add'
CATEGORY.AllowedEquipped = 1
CATEGORY.AllowedUserGroups = { "Vip", "admin" }

When I restarted the server with this, srcds.exe show me a blue error and the tab isn’t on my pointshop’s menu. What’s wrong?

Find out what the error is and that should make things easier for us

tell us what the “blue error” is.

Well, I dont know why, the blue error isn’t there. But the Tab isn’t there too. I tried to add “Kleiner’s” skin to try to fix the tab but it dissappears of the “Player Models” tab and isn’t showing on “Vip” tab. Can I use the model of other tab in Vip tab?? Why my tab isn’t there??

P.D: The blue lua error in console dissappears.

have you not considered that the error and the tab not showing up are related?

Yep, but now the tab isn’t showing and the lua error isn’t there, not exists… So… I think isn’t related

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The tab is visible while it hasn’t anything on it?? Or it must to has got items to sell to be visible??


you’re giving us nothing, can’t help you unless you tell us exactly what you’re trying to do, how you’re already trying to achieve it and if any, exact errors given in console.

Is it possible the reason you cannot see this category is because you are not of this rank? My recommendation would be to remove the allowedusergroups from the category file, then non vip can see the rewards and may feel tempted to contribute, and then use ‘ITEM.AllowedUserGroups = { “admin”, “vip” }’ inside each item file that you want to be vip only.