[TTT] Postround/Spectator Propkill Match?

Hey Guys,
first of all: Yes, I have read the rules and especially this thread: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1257110
The point is that I don’t “need” a coder for a certain addon for a server of mine, I would just like to share an idea that a mapper (zeek, http://steamcommunity.com/id/propelwater) and me had some days ago and ask whether someone likes the idea or would like to realise it maybe in form of an addon.
The idea is based on the following map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=303026890 . On this map the terrorists are standing on a platform with a magneto stick and every X seconds props are spawning in the air which are falling on the ground so that the terrorists can take them with the magneto stick and propkill the other players.
As it is pretty much fun, this isn’t really the sence of TTT, so as a real map it’s more or less useless for the gamemode. Thats why we had the idea whether it would be possible to create something similar to the Spectator Deathmatch, something like a Spectator Propkill-Match. The idea is: All terrorists who are dead or in spectator mode can type a comand in the chat, just like in deathmatch, in this case maybe something like !propkillmatch or simply !pm or something similar, and then they join on spawn points of the map (best thing would be spawn points who aren’t much far away from each other) a match, only equipped with a magneto stick. Props are spawning every X seconds in the air and falling down to the ground so that the terrorists can take them and try to propkill the others, just like it’s made in the mentioned map.
I was talking to some coders, e.g. tommy (Creater of deathmatch) or Exho, and he suggested that i should try it out here. I am familar with lua, but only with general stuff, so i wouldn’t be able to create something like deathmatch or propkill match on my own, and I have just not enough time to work more intense with lua because of my private situation.
As I said, I am not “needing” a coder for this “addon for my server”, I just think it would be maybe a nice thing for the whole gmod community if something like this would exist, so I wanted to share the idea and ask whether some people like it or would like to try to work maybe on that. I don’t know how far this would be even possible to realise, Exho told me that it will be hard but not impossible. I don’t know how some people here handle their scripts and addons but just for the case someone would like to do this and sell it on scriptfodder or some other websites and earn all the money from it, I don’t have any problem with it. I just like to share my idea as I can’t realise it myself. (I don’t know if anyone would really like to do this, just for the case. :pudge: ).
So, if there are any interests (if it is even possible to realise), just leave a comment, feel free to use the idea for whatever you want.
If this thread is really not wanted, I am sorry and accept any consequences.

Finally I want to apologize for any language or gramatical mistakes as englisch isn’t my main language. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your attention