TTT Prefix LUA

So, I’m pretty new to coding LUA.
I’ve made this little prefix LUA which goes in lua>autorun>client.
It works perfectly, only, I don’t get why the chat TEXT shows up as white for me, but black for a few other people.
One of them is in the same usergroup (ulx) as me (Owner), and the other is a regular. Other regulars don’t have any problems seeing the white text color, but only these 2 people do. Can anyone help me? I’ll paste the code here and feel free to use it for your own server. Not sure if this is the completely correct place to place this, since I’m both publishing this and asking for help.

--Chat Tags by Shinrei
CreateClientConVar("chat_tags_color_r", 255, true, false)
CreateClientConVar("chat_tags_color_g", 255, true, false)
CreateClientConVar("chat_tags_color_b", 255, true, false)
CreateClientConVar("chat_tags_color_a", 1, true, false)

local Tags = 
--Group    --Tag     --Color
{"user", "[Regular] ", Color(255, 227, 44, 0) },
{"gold vip", "[G.VIP] ", Color(255, 255, 0, 0) },
{"silver vip", "[S.VIP] ", Color(255, 255, 0, 0) },
{"platvip", "[P.VIP] ", Color(255, 104, 255, 0) },
{"forum trusted", "[F.Trusted] ", Color(255, 125, 44, 0) },
{"trusted", "[Trusted] ", Color(0, 167, 10, 0) },
{"utrusted", "[Ultimate] ", Color(0, 255, 255, 0) },
{"admin", "[Admin] ", Color(137, 0, 255, 0) },
{"senior admin", "[Sr.Admin] ", Color(255, 0, 0, 0) },
{"super admin", "[S.Admin] ", Color(0, 212, 156, 0) },
{"server owner", "[Owner] ", Color(0, 0, 255, 0) }

hook.Add("OnPlayerChat", "Tags", function(ply, strText, bTeamOnly)
	if IsValid(ply) and ply:IsPlayer() then
		for k,v in pairs(Tags) do
			if ply:IsUserGroup(v[1]) then
			local R = GetConVarNumber("chat_tags_color_r", "chat_tags_color_g", "chat_tags_color_b")
			local G = GetConVarNumber("chat_tags_color_r", "chat_tags_color_g", "chat_tags_color_b")
			local B = GetConVarNumber("chat_tags_color_r", "chat_tags_color_g", "chat_tags_color_b")
			local A = GetConVarNumber("chat_tags_color_r", "chat_tags_color_g", "chat_tags_color_b")
			local nickteam = team.GetColor(ply:Team())
				if !bTeamOnly then
				chat.AddText(v[3], v[2], nickteam, ply:Nick(), color_white, ": ", Color(R, G, B, A), strText)
				return true
				chat.AddText(v[3], v[2], nickteam, "(TEAM) ", ply:Nick(), color_white, ": ", Color(R, G, B, A), strText)
				return true
	if !IsValid(ply) and !ply:IsPlayer() then
	local ConsoleColor = Color(0, 255, 0) --Change this to change Console name color
	chat.AddText(ConsoleColor, "Console", color_white, ": ", strText)
	return true
end )

Are they on windows as well? Graphical shit always tends to mess up for people on macs.

I realize this was posted a week ago, but.

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