TTT problem with corpses

While playing TTT gamemode terrorist’s corpses are standing straight up and with a hands in the air. I don’t have css but have its resources installed as addon(it should work in multiplayer because css weapons are showed normally). How can i fix this? Reinstall didn’t make any changes.

I have the seam problem i have CS:S and wen a player dies hes ragdoll don’t activate he just stands there and he don’t fall and it happens whit custom npc too :frowning:

i have had player join my server and complain about this and they had not downloaded css, maybe your files are not loading, try merging the files straight into the root of your garrysmod.

or it could be that the server your trying to play on doesnt have css installed server side. try asking other players if they get the same problem.

i think my problem is diffrent bat it still happens in TTT the problem is the seam wen i even play Singleplayer so i really have a diffrent problem