TTT Problem with getting hit by car, dying via turtles, etc.

Hey everyone, I own a TTT server and lately whenever anyone dies by something other than fall damage and players (ttt_rooftops rigged house, turtlenades, 67thway car, etc.), the player will be able to converse with everyone still alive, but not talk to anyone dead. I would really like to be able to fix this issue, as it can make ghosting really easy. Thanks guys

In init.lua

function GM:PlayerStartVoice(ply)
    if not ply:Alive() then

Possibly this? Not sure how TTT handles dead players. Can someone more experienced in Lua tell me if this even makes sense?

I see what you’re trying to do, I don’t think it’ll work though.

I’m not quite sure how to handle these things, So someone shoot answerrs…

Try updating your Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode.
If checked it out yesterday and it just works perfectly.

Is version 33 the lastest?

I have version 33, and not only are they only able to talk to people who are alive, but it acts as if they are an “alive spectator”, meaning they can’t see nametags through walls or spectate individual people. It’s really annoying.

It happens because of a extra script hooking on to playerdeath.

Check your addons folder for player deathhook or your lua/autorun/server folder.

I checked and there was nothing. The only thing I have is a death notifier, but I added that after this problem started happening. It also turns out that fall damage WILL do this to someone as well.

what other addons do you have installed Ive seen this issue be caused by something like a pointshop before.

I currently have the following addons installed:

  • MapVote
  • Player Chat Tags
  • Pointshop (and Pointshop extras)
  • TTT End of round slow motion
  • ulib and ulx

my suggestion is removing all of them and adding them back one by one until you find the one thats causing the issue.

It’s a bug with player chat tags IIRC