TTT Problems

I have just recently started a TTT server again on a new server host after the last one got DDOS attacked untill extinction.


The second problem is with the rearm scripts, for some reason when I have placed the weapons and exported the map correctly (it states it has successfully exported) and I then play on the map the weapons do not appear. Is their some step that I may have missed or something I should have put in the server.cfg?

The third problem is that I need to take some of the CSS maps of the map vote list that appears after the 6 rounds are complete, where abouts is the file for that located?

Thank you for you time.

  1. Have you downloaded the latest terrortown (v28) from ttt website (it fixes some rearm problems)? Gmod includes only older v27.
    Did you place the rearm script to your maps folder?

  2. All ttt_ dm_ cs_ etc maps are automatically added to your map vote list. If you want to limit what maps are played, put all map names to mapcycle.txt (in garrysmod folder, w/o .bsp) and put ttt_always_use_mapcycle 1 to your server.cfg.

I do not want to use map cycle and I do know there is a file that allows you to remove certain maps.