TTT Problems

Hey guys, hopefully one of you can help me with this issue. For some reason, on my TTT server, people (when the rounds start) keep spawning in the air and falling to their death and getting stuck in walls and ceiling. Does anyone know how to fix this? I’ve seen multiple posts of changing the tickrate but that was unsuccessful. Thanks for any help!

What map? I’ve seen that happen when there are no player soawns

it’s not one specific map. It’s about all of the maps in my server. It seems like randomly people spawn where they are spectating. (and I don’t have SpecDM).

Have you tried disabling (removing) your addons?

Hey ! :slight_smile: Hopefully im here to help you .

I had this problem before but then i read in some place u can create a custom map spawn so ,

i would suggest Getting this from the workshop : ( its a tool to create your own spawns in the map u load & ammo and guns , which is cool ! )

after you got that ,

here is a guide how to use it and export your file and finally use it on your server :