TTT Prop Possession Name Disabled!?

Hola, peeps of the internet. I am really hoping to get some answers here. Since I’ve been playing TTT (for months). I have never been able to see the player name of the person possessing a prop. I can see that they are possessing it, by the bright yellow color but cannot see their name. This is an issue for me because I staff a server and I need to be able to see who is possessing it, in case they injure another player.

I did fix the issue by deleting the whole terrortown file in my garry’s mod folder. I have to have that folder though for other necessities. My assumption is that something in this folder in the lua coding because I do know it is not conflicting with my server’s CSS textures. No one else I know has this problem so I want to know if anyone on the internet has had this problem or maybe someone here knows how to fix it!?

I was thinking it might be affected by the coding in my cl_targetid folder or my propspec but I compared it to my friend’s and nothing seems different.

I would appreciate the help greatly. Thank you so much!

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Also please do not tell me to unintall and install again. I have already tried that. I have already tried verifying my files through steam. I have done most basic things already.