TTT proximity identification problem

i edited line 153 in cl_targetid to make it so that one couldn’t see an entity’s information unless they were within 512 units, looking like so:

if (not IsValid(ent)) or ent.NoTarget or ( EyePos():Distance( ent:GetPos() ) > 512 ) then return end

and it works exactly how i want it to – when the code refreshes. after a server restart or map change it has zero effect at all unless the code is reloaded during the server’s uptime.

i have no idea why this is.

sorry for bumping, but is there any possible explanation for this?

it could be that the server provider constantly makes sure files are the right data. it used to happen when i was a newbie and trying to edit the knife in ttt.

try making an external script to edit that.

pretty sure that isn’t it, other file changes persist normally. but you could be right, i’ll rename my gamemode folder when i get a chance.