[TTT] Quality of Life

Quality of Life is a small addon that slightly improves the QoL of TTT (Hence the name).


  • Roles & Corpses chat announcements
  • Hit markers
  • RTV system
  • Anti radio (quickchat) spam

All of the features can be toggled on/off via the config file:

A good old unzip drag-n-drop

Download here

I am aware that there are already hit marker modules available for free, but since it fits in the module, and it’s so easy to toggle it off, I still put it in.

github please

Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to work with it :c

Took me a few hours but I (think I) did it.
I still don’t get why there’s no simple “UPLOAD PROJECT” button

There is a create repository button. You just have to commit ur files and sync. Not much harder than a upload project button