TTT Questions (Scoreboard and C4)

Can you edit the colors of the default hud and scoreboard for TTT? I’ve googled and searched but haven’t really found much of anything. If so, what file would this be located in?
Also, can you edit the C4 to have a higher chance of NOT being disabled? I looked at the file and only saw how I can change the timer of the C4 but not the amount of safe/unsafe wires. I want it to be less safe for people to disarm.

Thank you for any help provided!!

The TTT C4’s timer “safety” presets can be changed in gamemodes errortown\entities\entities tt_c4\shared.lua on line 106.

function ENT.SafeWiresForTime(t)
   local m = t / 60

   if m > 4 then     return 1
   elseif m > 3 then return 2
   elseif m > 2 then return 3
   elseif m > 1 then return 4
   else              return 5

it asks for time set in seconds, divides it by minutes and then has a simple if statement regarding how many wires will blow the bomb up.
So it just says if time set is more than x minutes then there are x safe wires.

Fuck with these values if you really want.


Well it depends what part of the scoreboard you want to edit.

Look in terrortown/gamemode/vgui for the scoreboard files.