TTT - Quick Chat Help/Traitor Sound

I had this sitting on my desktop for a while and decided to release it. Basically, when ever you do the quick chat command “Help!” or “Somebody is a Traitor!”, your player will yell a random help sound.

hook.Add("TTTPlayerRadioCommand", "Help!!!!", function(ply, cmd_name, cmd_target)
local HelpSounds = table.Random( { Sound("vo/Streetwar/sniper/male01/c17_09_help02.wav"), Sound("vo/Streetwar/sniper/male01/c17_09_help01.wav") } )
if cmd_name == "quick_help" or cmd_name == "quick_traitor" then
ply:EmitSound( HelpSounds )

Place in lua/autorun/server

To be honest, this was not worth an entire new thread. It’s incredibly simple to make.

I understand, and I respect your opinion. Yes, its easy to make but people just are too lazy today. A bunch of high demand stuff on the developer discussion (the “pls code dis for meh” stuff) like double punch meter in TTT, ranks on the scoreboard and such can be easily done in a few lines of code of simple lua knowledge.