TTT ragdoll crashing

Is this still a problem that everyone is having?

My server still crashes a shit ton even with this code running:

What happened before you put the code in?

before: lots of ragdoll crashes

after: 25% of lots of ragdoll crashes

I thought Code_gs had a working script somewhere, we just need to get him to this thread… HERE CODEY CODEY CODEY!!

I have his script… But I can’t post since I’m away! Trololololol


I think you guys are high, he said it even happens with that script running in his OP

How do you know that the rag-dolls are actually crashing it do you have proof that they are causing the crashes or did you just assume ?

Change the values on the ragdoll script to find a sweet spot for your server.

The last thing it says before it shits a brick is that a body was frozen

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It depends on your server? Shouldnt there just be some values that work well globally?

I no longer get ragdoll crashing but prop_physics crazy physics crashing has became a real issue recently.

How often does your server crash ? My server doesn’t tend to crash often but when it does another crash usually happens shortly after.

The only crashes I seem to get at the moment are from map changes usually the server fails to load the map if it’s the same map that was previously played but this isn’t always true.

As far as I could tell, certain (custom) models behaved differently, hence why I had to fiddle with my values back when I still used this to find a value that worked with every model.

can someone give me values that work well?

I use 3500 freeze and 6250 delete.

Would you happen to be using custom player models?
I’m sure poorly made collision models could contribute to the issue.

Not any that are used